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    Nanotechnology – Its Role in Electronics and Its Effects

    Summary: Nano as it implies small particles or atoms which is the building blocks of all materials is a 20th century shoot up technology is the centre for design & manufacturing of almost all products.

    What is Nanotechnology?

    Nanotechnology is the science of molecular scale which refers to the projected ability to manufacture highly performed products. In general it deals with very small structures or atoms. It is scaled by the nanometer scale and one nanometer is one billionth of a meter which is very small to see but very powerful to produce very high end products.

    Role of Nanotechnology in electronics

    Role of nanotechnology in electronics is to improve the capability of electronic products. The technology also made the devices very light making the product easy to carry or move and at the same time it has reduced the power requirement. Ever since the use of nanotechnology have implemented in the process of manufacturing electronic products it has brought a revolution in this industry particularly in telecommunications & information technology. Following subjects can give a broader idea about its major role in details:

    • Change of display screens: LCD and its improved versions are example. The quality of display screens has improved a lot while its size became very thick, decreased weight and reduced power consumption.
    • Memory Chips: Nanotechnology has made size of memory chip very small but storage capacity upto 1 terabyte per square inch.
    • Power transistors: It has been reduced like a circuit where all the power can be stored.

    Merits of Nanotechnology

    • It stimulates mass production
    • Produces energy at very cheaper cost
    • Keeps pollution under control.

    Demerits of Nanotechnology

    • Cause of destruction of society- as it helps making destructive weapons
    • Can enter into the brains blood stream causing harmful diseases as the particles are very small
    • Threat to traditional workers of loosing the job-hence can widen economic differences.

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    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=B_K_Dash

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