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    Archive for September, 2010

    Using Nanotechnology to Remove Blood Clots and Detect Cancer

    Advances in nanotechnology are leading to dramatic new devices that can fundamentally improve our quality of life in the healthcare field. While the potential applications are easily understood, the truly unique aspect about Dr. Yong Shi’s research is his unparalleled ability to develop and control these materials. Dr. Yong Shi at the Active Nanomaterials and [...]

    Nanotechnology – Its Role in Electronics and Its Effects

    Nanotechnology is the science of molecular scale which refers to the projected ability to manufacture highly performed products. In general it deals with very small structures or atoms. It is scaled by the nanometer scale and one nanometer is one billionth of a meter which is very small to see but very powerful to produce very high end products.


    Introduction Today governments are spending a huge share of their revenues after the research and development of nanotechnology; nevertheless, it is very difficult to state precisely the opportunities or possible uses of nanotechnology. Nanonscientists and technologists are facing a big challenge of communicating with non-scientific fraternity. After the years of contemplation, many fallacies have developed [...]

    Importance of Nanotechnology

    The most efficient machine is the one that requires the least amount of parts to function properly. The more fundamental the design, the less likely there will be problems. A machine designed from the ground up from atoms would be the highest example of such efficiency. It is for this reason that chemical engineering will [...]